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Top 6 reasons to work in the energy industry

18 April 2023

The energy industry plays a crucial role in powering our daily lives and fuelling global economic growth. In this article, we will discuss six reasons why people should consider working in the energy industry, including growth opportunities, career paths, job security, innovation, social impact, and work environment.

1. Growing career opportunities in renewable energy

The transition towards renewables is happening at pace. According to ABS Census data, Australia recorded a large increases in employment in both hydroelectricity generation (up 54%) and other (renewable) forms of electricity generation (up 115%) between 2016 and 2021.

Research by professional services firm EY and the Climate Council also found that 50% Renewable Electricity scenario in 2030 will lead to over 28,000 new jobs, nearly 50% more employment than a business as usual scenario. The boom of renewable energy is increasing, with more coal-fired power stations set to close, the job opportunities are certainly expected to continue rising.

Increased jobs in renewable energy

Credit: Renewable Energy Jobs: Future Growth in Australia | Climate Council 

2. There are more career paths than you might think

The energy industry encompasses several large sub-industries oriented around areas such as petroleum, gas, renewable energy, coal power, nuclear power, energy trading schemes, and infrastructure. These sub-industries, in turn, contain many careers that are characteristic of them. Some examples include solar panel installer, electrical engineer, maintenance officer, and specialised technical roles.

Energy companies range in size from lean startups, like many app-based energy traders, to industry giants like Ausgrid and Transgrid. These businesses also include a range of supporting roles. Consequently, the industry also offers a diverse range of in-house careers related to finance, IT, human resources, production, procurement, engineering, law, customer service, communications, and research.

Source: 5 reasons to pursue a job in energy and utilities (gradaustralia.com.au)

3. Job stability and security

The energy industry is well-known for providing excellent job security and stability due to factors such as its essential nature, long-term investments, diversification, and regulation. Employers in this industry make active investments in their employees with a strong emphasis on safety and ensuring the continuity of service. 

With energy being an essential commodity required to power homes, businesses, and industries, job security is less likely to go through fluctuations experienced by other industries.

As Australia’s energy system transitions to the renewables, new electricity sector jobs will be created. Many of these jobs will be located in regional Australia, supporting the construction and operation of energy generation, storage, and transmission within and around renewable energy zones.

4. Technological innovation

Just a few years ago, people were debating how to get more solar and wind energy to the power grid, today, Australia's transition towards renewables is unstoppable. Not only is Australia leading the way when it comes to innovative technologies that are transforming the energy industry, we are also in the position to leverage Australia’s abundant renewable energy resources and mineral ores to become a global clean energy superpower, exporting green hydrogen and metals to the world. This has led to the development of innovative technologies such as large-scale solar farms, wind turbines, and battery storage systems.

Today, disruptive technological advancement is occurring across the energy supply chain, from renewable energy, and storage technologies to distributed energy resources and smart-grid capabilities.

5. A chance to make a difference

The Clean Energy Council has called on Australia’s political leaders to commit to a 100% renewable electricity grid for Australia by 2030. There will be no pathway to net zero without transforming our energy system as we move away from fossil fuels.

By working in the energy industry, you can contribute to the development and deployment of sustainable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.

The energy industry is a key player in advancing social and environmental equality. By promoting renewable energy and reducing reliance on fossil fuels, you can help address the impact of climate change on marginalised communities and promote more equitable access to energy resources.

If you feel highly motivated by the sense that you’re making a difference, then the energy industry could be for you.  

6. Diverse work environment

The opportunity to work in a wide range of different environments. For instance, as a substation technician, you'll work in the field to install, maintain, or repair substation assets, whereas as a project engineer, you might spend more of your time undertaking detailed engineering management and providing support to various project managers or delivery managers.

As a result, you could have the opportunity to travel across the state to regional areas, visit different people and places, and develop novel solutions in terms of architectural setup or energy grid access. If you're craving a little variety in your professional life, the energy industry could be the place to find it.


You might consider working in the energy industry if you are:

  • interested in contributing to climate change and global warming solutions.
  • looking for a stable job with ample opportunities for promotion and advancement.
  • looking for a role in one of the related fields, like chemistry, physics, and energy science.

The energy industry offers a range of unique benefits and opportunities. With an emphasis on safety, job security, competitive compensation packages, and exciting technological advancements, the energy sector is an attractive option for those interested in working in a dynamic, challenging, and fulfilling field. Whether you’re looking for a change or just starting out, the energy industry has plenty to offer, and it is a promising career path worth exploring.

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