Transgrid Trailblazer Leigh Pham
Graduate Program

Transgrid Trailblazer - Leigh Pham

16 November 2022

Meet our Trailblazer Leigh Pham, who started at Transgrid as a graduate and is now a Construction Engineer in our Delivery Team.

Role title: Construction Engineer 

Length of time at Transgrid: 2 years

Tell us about your role at Transgrid:

As a Construction Engineer in the Delivery Team, I support the Construction Managers in the development and implementation of methods benefiting the overall process of the Delivery team. Over the past few months, I was given the opportunity to support the Site Management team, filling in as a Site Manager whilst developing relationships with our internal field and office staff, as well as external contractors and clients. My most recent assignment was Yass/ Canberra on the VNI project, with my current assignment being in Armidale, working on the Metz and Uralla Solar Farms. Being sent to and from the ends of NSW has shown me the beauty of our regional towns, which definitely adds to the perks of the job. 

Favourite career highlight?

Becoming a permanent employee at Transgrid and working in a role that I’m passionate about makes work so much easier to come to. I re-joined a supportive team that appreciates me and my capabilities. I enjoy the company of my team immensely, and knowing that I can call on any of them at any time of day for a chat when I’m struggling or when I just want someone to talk to, reinforces the fact that my decision to join them was the right one. 

Who/what inspires you to be your best?

The people I work with, the people I’ve met and the people who have been with me since the day I was born. A healthy working environment with people proudly doing their jobs, as well as helping me do mine, has surrounded me with a network of people I don’t want to disappoint. I’ve also been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who have encouraged me to pursue what I want my whole life, motivating me to continue to push myself and be a better person.   

Have you benefitted from a Mentor or Sponsor? What difference has that made to your career?

Definitely. I chose a mentor – Neil Bennett – who was in a business unit outside of what I knew I wanted to do. During the Graduate Program, I wanted to know more about design but didn’t want to do a full rotation in design because I knew my passion was in construction. I knew that he could answer the technical questions that I couldn’t figure out myself. The regular catch-ups also made work weeks easier because I knew that I could count on him to have a busier, crazier day than me.

On difficult days, what motivates you?

Knowing that I, though a single person, have a role in helping pave the way for other females in construction. It is obvious that construction has a minuscule female representation, and the mass of people representing Transgrid’s regional field staff isn’t any different. I’m not the first to begin my journey in construction as a female, and I definitely won’t be the last, but I believe in strength in numbers. Being one person in a sea of female field workers builds our representation, reputation and vision for more females in construction. 

Working with our field staff is also a great motivator because I know that these people will pick me up and make me want to go to work. There hasn’t been a day on site where I did not have field staff or contractors keep me company and encourage me to work hard. 

What’s something interesting you’ve learned recently?

Technical information relating to substations. The way all our equipment is wired together and the way that it communicates makes sense if you just ask the right questions and listen. I’ve been able to speak to our substation fitters, technicians and contractors who step you through what they’re doing will always give you the time of day if you just ask. With a background in civil engineering, all electrical components were foreign to me, but spending all this time working in the electrical space on site, I can appreciate the technicality of Transgrid’s work, and how hard our people have to work to make things work. 

This article was originally published on our Transgrid Energise network. This network supports women at Transgrid to build stronger connections.