Energy transition

Energy Transition

17 August 2022

Why transmission needs to be delivered earlier than planned

As the AEMO’s 2022 Integrated System Plan (ISP) states, the investment in new transmission required to transition Australia to a renewable energy-based power system needs to begin ‘as urgently as possible’.

Energy Transition

05 August 2022

Transmission’s role in energy security and reliability

Australia's energy transformation will need significant upgrades for renewable energies, more storage, complex network management, and, importantly, the installation of more than 10,000km of new transmission lines.

15 November 2021

How the power system supports Australia’s transition to Net Zero emissions

As the IPCC declares “code red for humanity”, Australia adopts a net zero commitment and COP26 comes to a close, Australian and global focus turns to what practical steps are required to decarbonise our economy.

05 November 2021

How the transmission system will enable Australia’s energy transformation

As Australia moves to a Net Zero economy, surging demand for electricity, an influx of geographically diverse renewable energy generation, and an increasingly important role for energy storage will reshape our energy system, requiring a significant expansion of and investment in the transmission network.

28 October 2021

The transition to renewables is unstoppable

Transgrid recently announced its Energy Vision for Australia’s electricity system, using detailed scenario modelling to assess the implications of emerging technologies, trends and policies on the future development of the grid. The modelling makes it abundantly clear: the transition towards a clean energy future is unstoppable – even if we keep on our current course.

22 October 2021

Becoming a clean energy leader provides clear long-term benefits for Australians

Transgrid’s recently announced Energy Vision suggests we have a unique opportunity to become a global, clean energy leader, in the process supercharging our economy and creating a brighter future for all Australians.


21 October 2021

Sydney's Big Step to Clean Energy: Largest Electric Bus Fleet

Sydney has marked a big step in the transition to a clean energy future with the launch of the largest electric bus fleet pilot seen in Australia. Executive Manager Strategy, Innovation and Technology, Eva Hanly, explains why it is an innovation sweet spot.

13 October 2021

Could Australia become a clean energy superpower?

Transgrid’s recently announced Energy Vision suggests Australia has a unique opportunity to harness its renewable energy resources to become a global, clean energy leader. What will that mean for Australian industry and jobs?

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