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Transgrid announces refined route for HumeLink transmission project

03 April 2022

Transgrid is talking to landowners about the refinement of the route for the major transmission project HumeLink, following the adoption of a consultant’s report on the options under consideration.

Executive Manager of Delivery Craig Stallan said “The analysis by global engineering and design firm GHD confirmed the option via Kosciusko National Park is the least optimal route due to it impacting a greater number of residences within 500m of the transmission line, whilst also having significantly greater environmental impact and higher costs.”

“The national park option would affect more than three times the number of private residences and impact 44 kilometres of national park. When combined with a cost that is $255 million more than the Tumut North option, it is the least desirable outcome.”

Transgrid analysis found the Tumut North option affects 19 less residences within 500m of the line, provides additional security of supply and improved network resilience.

The GHD report also recommended Tumut North because:

  • It would have a significantly lower impact on the environment; and
  • It represents a $255 million lower cost than the national park corridor and is $53 million lower than the Blowering corridor.

Additional route refinement decisions in Bannaby, Green Hills and Pejar Dam have been taken which prioritise minimising the number of private residences within 500m of the corridor, followed by the considerations of environment and project cost. As a result, more than half (56%) of the refined route 200m corridor parallels existing transmission lines and it utilises a mix of public and private land and state forest.

HumeLink, a new 500kV transmission line in southern NSW, represents a once in a generation investment in the nation’s energy future and will deliver $491 million in net benefits.

HumeLink will deliver a cheaper, more reliable and more sustainable grid by increasing the amount of renewable energy that can be delivered to energy consumers across the National Electricity Market and help to facilitate the transition to a low carbon future.

Transgrid is engaging with all landowners across the HumeLink footprint this week of their inclusion or exclusion from the refined route 200m corridor.

“We appreciate this is a difficult time for landowners and we thank them for their patience. We are committed to continuing a respectful engagement with landowners and all stakeholders on the project,” said Mr Stallan.

The next Community Consultative Group meetings will be held on April 6 and 7 in Wagga Wagga, Tumut and Yass. For more information about the projects route refinements, go to

Landowners are encouraged to contact their Community Engagement Place Manager or email

Transgrid media contact:
Michelle Stone 0438 293 917