Transgrid Discovery Hub transforms community engagement in regional NSW

16 April 2024

A new permanent community engagement and discovery hub has opened its doors to the public in the heart of the Riverina, the first facility of its kind on Transgrid’s 13,000km network across NSW and the ACT.

The Transgrid Discovery Hub at Wagga Wagga provides an engaging and inviting space for community members, landowners, and businesses to understand more about the transition to renewable energy and our major projects EnergyConnect, HumeLink, and VNI West which are centred in the Riverina.

CEO Brett Redman said: “Wagga Wagga is at the heart of our renewable energy transformation and we want to make a positive difference and provide tangible and enduring benefits to the local community.

“This new Hub, which is the only one of its kind on our vast network, will transform the way we engage with regional communities as we plan and build the critical transmission infrastructure needed to support Australia’s clean energy transition.

“Transgrid is proud to open this new gateway to our organisation, cementing the Riverina’s critical role in enabling our renewable energy future and ensuring the local community seizes the many social and economic benefits it brings.” 

The new Hub comprises:

  • A one-stop shop for visitors to engage with Transgrid and access information about our energy vision, major projects, employment and training opportunities, operations, and community-based activities
  • Facilities for use by community groups for meetings, workshops, and conferences
  • A discovery space for school students to explore power generation, electricity transmission, the transition to renewables, and careers in the energy sector through visual and interactive experiences
  • A yarning circle to provide a culturally appropriate space to ensure recognition and active inclusion of First Nations people and acknowledge our presence on Wiradjuri Country, &
  • An electric vehicle charging station and a solar-powered Wi-Fi and mobile phone/device charging bench for use by the local community during business hours.

Mr Redman said: “This exciting new Hub will provide fun and interactive educational experiences for school students, a permanent engagement location for landowners, opportunities for local businesses to secure supply contracts, and quality facilities for use by community members and not-for-profit groups.

“I encourage everyone to make the most of this fantastic new community asset and visit the Transgrid Discovery Hub today.”

Construction of the Transgrid Discovery Hub has provided a significant boost to local businesses. 

“We have used all local businesses and suppliers for the design and construction of the new facility as part of our commitment to invest locally and deliver this facility for Wagga by Wagga,” Mr Redman said.

“Construction and fitout of the Hub has involved more than 30 local businesses and 90 workers and we are delighted to have worked with them to bring our vision for the Transgrid Discovery Hub to a reality.”

Local companies which have helped deliver the facility include principal contractor Balding Constructions as well as Sewell Design, Adaptive Interiors, Sunday Collective, Cooletrics, Riverina Plaster Works, Steve Mosely Electrical, Dunns Plumbing, Wollundry Landscapes, Shaun Bradley Painting, Tim Ward Painting, Signarama, and Inspired Kitchens and Joinery.

More information about the Transgrid Discovery Hub can be found here:


  • Located in the old Elders building at 27 Kincaid St, Wagga Wagga across from the Pavilion
  • The first facility of its kind on Transgrid’s 13,000km network across NSW and the ACT
  • Seven Discovery Pods allow school students to explore energy in a fun and interactive way including:
  • Playing ‘Energy – the Game’ created by students from Wagga’s Mater Dei College where children fight fossil fuels and collect renewable energy
  • Learning about the history of energy from when static electricity was first reported by Ancient Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus in 600BC, to Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment in 1752, to Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb in 1879, to the clean energy transition today
  • Taking the journey of energy from electrical generation through to transmission and distribution into homes and businesses
  • Finding out about the history of electricity in the Riverina from when it was first switched on in Wagga in 1922 right through to the region’s critical role in the renewable energy transformation
  • Exploring Transgrid’s 13,000km network and major projects critical to Australia’s clean energy future
  • Learning how to save energy and support the transition to renewable energy in your own home
  • Peddling a kinetic energy bike to see how much electricity is needed to charge your mobile phone
  • Examining historical and modern electrical equipment including transmission conductor and insulators
  • Building an electrical circuit and turning lights on.
  • A yarning circle including a bush tucker garden and audio message with a Welcome to Country, Dreamtime story and Wiradjuri language
  • A 40kW rooftop solar system which will generate 62,780kWh of electricity a year to power the Hub
  • A program of activity is being developed at the Hub to support in-class learning for Riverina high school students including science, geography, and career pathways. 


Transgrid media contact: Mark Nolan 0429 047 136