VNI West

Transgrid expands preferred corridor for major transmission project VNI West

06 October 2023

Community and landowner feedback has supported an expansion of the preferred corridor for VNI West, a critical new interconnector project prioritised by the Commonwealth Government to increase the sharing of renewable energy between NSW and Victoria.

Project Director Colin Mayer said, “We have undertaken extensive engagement with locals through community information days, individual meetings with landowners and in written submissions, following our extended consultation period for the Draft Corridor Report.

“This information has helped inform our planning and we have amended the VNI West corridor in a number of locations in direct response to landowner feedback and we have already begun reaching out to them to discuss this latest stage of the project,” said Mr Mayer.

The preferred corridor report outlines the latest amendments to the project which include an expansion of the corridor width from 15 to 24 kilometres in some areas to enable greater flexibility in responding to community and landowner feedback. The report is available here and the preferred corridor is also found on the updated Interactive Map.

“We recognise the complexity of constraints in the local environment, including agricultural land use, cultural heritage and biodiversity in the region. By expanding the corridor to the north, there are now more opportunities to exclude any sensitive river systems and irrigation land and respond to suggestions raised during the recent consultation,” said Mr Mayer.

The Preferred Corridor also includes changes near the Murray River to accommodate a disused rail corridor and align with the Draft Corridor announced today by Transmission Company Victoria (TCV). VNI West is being jointly developed with TCV and will connect major projects EnergyConnect in NSW and Western Renewables Link in Victoria. It is recognised by the Australian Energy Market Operator as a priority project in its 2022 Integrated System Plan which will deliver the best options for electricity customers in the long term.

Mr Mayer said a new Community Consultative Group (CCG) would soon be announced and the group would facilitate discussion between Transgrid, communities, business organisations, landowners, and councils about the next phase in project planning.

“We continue to welcome the strong interest in the project and look forward to the Community Consultative Group (CCG) providing feedback for use in the planning process. We will continue to work with landholders and communities to ensure we minimise the impact on their important social, ecological, agricultural and cultural values.”

For more information on the project: Feedback can also be provided by sending a submission by email to  Transgrid’s VNI West project partner, AEMO has published a report today on its draft corridor for the Victorian section of the project and is published on its website                                                                                        

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