Easement Guidelines

In order to maintain network safety and reliability, Transgrid holds easements over its transmission lines and high voltage underground cables so as to control the types of activities and developments that can be safely undertaken. These easements, also known as ‘rights of way,’ grant our staff and contractors access for the construction, operation, and maintenance of Transgrid’s infrastructure.

Transgrid’s primary concern is the safety of people, property and the environment, and we are committed to providing a safe and reliable electricity network.

Maintaining these easements is critical to Transgrid’s daily operations, enabling access for all Transgrid staff and our contractors who perform asset maintenance and replacement activities.

Transgrid’s Easement Guidelines contain information on activities you can and cannot undertake on our easements. All development activities that interact with any of Transgrid’s easements require Transgrid’s authorisation.

  • How to determine if your proposal is a permitted activity, if it requires Transgrid's conditional approval, or if it is prohibited and not permitted inside of a Transgrid easement.
  • How to seek Transgrid's authorisation for proposed activities in an easement.

Activities not performed in accordance with Transgrid's Easement Guidelines are at risk of being removed or relocated at the landowner’s expense.

The Easement Guidelines may change over time and Transgrid’s authorisation will be subject to the current Easement Guidelines. If an updated approval is sought, then Transgrid’s Easement Guidelines current at that time will apply.

Make an easement enquiry or application

Lodge an enquiry or apply for permission to carry out an activity with a Transgrid easement by contacting our Easements and Development Assessment Team at 02 9620 0515 or easements&development@Transgrid.com.au.

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State guidelines for working near overhead lines

If you are planning to undertake work near overhead lines, you must follow the relevant guidelines, regulations and codes of practice shown below:  

  1. If you require safety advice around proposed construction works, please complete this construction works form and submit it to construction.works@transgrid.com.au. We aim to respond within five working days.
  2. If you are seeking permission to build on our easement, please head to our Easement Enquiries Portal.

Safety around trees

Our maintenance teams carefully monitor trees growing near transmission line easements to ensure they do not pose a risk to public safety, or to maintaining our electricity supply.

As part of our monitoring program, we carry out aerial patrols using a remote sensing method called Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). This helps us to locate trees growing too close to the network that could create a safety or bush fire risk.  Trimming or removing these hazard trees is an essential part of our maintenance program and ensures we can continue to deliver a safe and reliable electricity supply.

Planting wisely

If you have an easement on your property, you can minimise the need to trim or remove trees by choosing a species that will maintain the required clearance from the easement. 

The best way to protect your local electricity supply and minimise the need for trimming is to avoid planting large trees near power lines.

Easements can vary in width depending on the operating voltage and design of the infrastructure. Before planting a tree, read our Easement Guidelines to determine the:

  • required distance from an easement.
  • maximum allowed height in relation to the easement.
  • prohibited locations for trees in an easement.


If you have any questions about planting or maintaining trees near transmission lines, please phone us on 1800 222 537 or email community@transgrid.com.au.

Underground cable easements

Underground cables are not obvious, and you may not know there is one located on your property. 
A ‘Before You Dig’ search via www.byda.com.au is essential prior to any excavation works.
Transgrid has prepared the Requirements for Working in the Vicinity of Transgrid Underground Cables to help you understand the process for working safely near high voltage underground lines.


Easement fact sheets and guidelines


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