Our transmission lines are located on easements, which protect your safety by restricting the activities that can be carried out. Easements are also ‘rights of way’, giving our people and contractors access to build, operate and maintain infrastructure.

Easement guidelines

We engage closely with landowners to maintain assets and easements on their properties so that we can provide safe and reliable transmission services.

If you are planning development work on or near a transmission line easement you must follow the Transgrid Easement Guidelines, and obtain the necessary permissions, prior to starting work.

Download a PDF copy of the Easement Guidelines.

Our Easement Guidelines contain important information to help you work out what you can and cannot do within Transgrid easements. They outline:

  • How to determine whether your proposal is within an easement
  • What can and cannot be done within our easements
  • Whether your proposed activity or development is permitted, requires permission from Transgrid, or is prohibited
  • How to seek permission prior to carrying out the activity or lodging your development application with a consent authority.

If you do not obtain the relevant permission, you may be required to remove or relocate your development at your expense. 

Please note that if you have received written permission from Transgrid under previous guidelines, this permission remains valid. 


Make an easement enquiry or application

Lodge and enquiry or apply for permission to carry out an activity with a Transgrid easement by contacting our Easements and Development Assessment Team. Please note: email is preferred.

State guidelines for working near overhead lines

If you are planning to undertake work near overhead lines, you must follow the relevant guidelines, regulations and codes of practice shown below:  



  • You also need to adhere to the requirements of the Utility Networks (Public Safety) Regulation 2001 (ACT).


If you determine there is a risk of coming within 4m of one of our 132kV lines, 6m of one of our 330kV lines or 8m of one of our 500kV lines you must contact us for advice at 

If you require safety advice around proposed construction works, please complete this construction works form and submit it to construction.works@transgrid.com.au. We aim to respond within five working days.

If you are seeking permission to build on our easement, please head to our Easement Enquiries Portal.

Underground cable easements

Different requirements apply to work taking place near underground transmission cables.

Underground cables are not obvious, and you may not know there is one located on your property. A Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) search is essential prior to any excavation work taking place.

All proposals within cable easements require permission from Transgrid. For further guidance, visit Working near underground cables


Easement fact sheets and guidelines


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