ACT Second Supply Project

The ACT Second Supply Project is a joint undertaking by TransGrid, the ACT Government and Evoenergy.

Ongoing project activity

Key project activity - dating from 2006 - can be found in the Project Chronology section of this page.

Project evolution

Please note that to best serve the need, the project has evolved as a result of co-operation between TransGrid, ACT Government agencies and Evoenergy to optimise the layout, route and staging of the transmission infrastructure.  This has included evolving from establishment of a switching station to establishment of a substation by including a new transformer that was previously planned as a replacement at the existing Canberra substation to optimise network performance. 

Project need drivers 

The main driver of this project evolution was the ACT Electricity Transmission Supply Code 2016, issued in July 2016.
Other factors that informed the evolution of project need were:

  • Installation of a new transformer at Stockdill Drive was determined by TransGrid to deliver optimum network performance more effectively than the planned replacement of a transformer at the Canberra substation. (March 2016)
  • A preferred transmission line route to connect the planned substation to the Canberra substation was confirmed by the ACT Government in January 2016. Previous route options were closer to Stockdill Drive than the current option, which is further south. Please refer to lines 17 and 35 of the Chronology document for further detail. The route investigation is expected to conclude in February 2017.