HumeLink – delivering safe, reliable and affordable electricity

TransGrid is reinforcing the transmission network in southern NSW with HumeLink - a new 500 kV transmission line project that will improve the flow of electricity between new generation sources and major demand centres in NSW.

Why do we need HumeLink?

Reinforcing the southern transmission network will: 
  • Allow new energy sources to come online, including renewables
  • Unlock the full capacity of the expanded Snowy Hydro Scheme
  • Enable greater sharing of energy between the eastern states
Download the HumeLink factsheet here.
Download the route selection factsheet here.

What is HumeLink?

TransGrid is developing a low-impact, cost-effective project that will maximise the grid's capacity to deliver electricity where it’s needed. This includes options for new transmission connections between substations at Wagga Wagga, Bannaby and Maragle.

HumeLink will provide a crucial hub for the flow of electricity in the National Electricity Market (NEM). The project will enable high volume energy transfer around the NEM improving access to affordable electricity.
This will require investment in new transmission lines and TransGrid is investigating a number of options  for new connections between substations
at Wagga Wagga, Bannaby and Maragle. 

The project will help unblock existing network congestion and bring new generation online. Energy consumers will benefit from an increased electricity transfer capacity between the eastern states and regional communities will benefit from jobs, supporting regional economic growth.

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