Easier procurement with SAP Ariba®

We are partnering with SAP Ariba® - one of the world’s largest business-to-business networks, to bring you TransGrid ibuy. 

What is ibuy?

ibuy will use the SAP Ariba® platform to bring all our procurement processes online. It is designed to improve the way TransGrid and suppliers work together by automating activities such as purchasing, invoicing and sourcing. 

TransGrid ibuy will be available from August 2020. 

What does this mean for suppliers?

With ibuy, you will: 
  • receive requests for quotations (RFQ) and purchase orders (PO) through the Ariba Network
  • submit responses back to TransGrid through the Ariba Network. 
Please note, TransGrid has a ‘No PO – No Pay’ Policy

What does this mean for invoicing and payments?

From August 2020, we will be conducting all procurement activities through ibuy, using the SAP Ariba® platform. 

If you are a current supplier, create your free Standard Ariba Network account by registering online.

Once you set up your free account, purchase orders will be ‘flipped’ into an invoice through the Ariba Network. 

Review the SAP Ariba® PO Flip process and learn more about joining the Ariba network