Public Safety

We are committed to protecting the safety and health of our employees, our contractors and the public.

In ensuring our assets are maintained and operating safely, we meet strict guidelines and implement robust processes to protect the safety of public, as well as our workers.. We also engage with our contractors and the relevant authorities to safely manage works in and around our assets.

Another important aspect of our public safety commitment is our promotion of electricity awareness to those living near our substations or transmission lines. Extensive information is available on our website and through our community information line.

We  provide property owners with easement guides and regular updates about living and working around powerlines .

Public Electrical Safety Awareness Plan

We have developed a Public Electrical Safety Awareness (PESA) Plan in accordance with the requirements of the Electricity Supply (Safety and Network Management) Regulation 2014 to outline the management of our network assets in relation to public safety.

The objective of the PESA Plan is to provide information to the public regarding the hazards associated with electricity, in particular high voltage transmission lines and substations owned and/or operated by TransGrid.

Our PESA Plan can be viewed in in chapter three of our Network Management Plan 2013 - 2018.

Electricity Network Safety Management System

TransGrid’s Electrical Network Safety Management System (ENSMS) is in place to meet the expectations and requirements of stakeholders, including:

  • The safety of the public, and persons near or working on electricity transmission network assets
  • The protection of property and network assets
  • Safety aspects arising from the protection of the environment, including protection from ignition of fires by network assets
  • Safety aspects arising from the loss of electricity supply.

BeSafeKids educational program

BeSafeKids is an educational program designed to teach children about the importance of safety around common electrical items and TransGrid’s assets. This free program is targeted at schools in communities where our projects or assets are located. We can present BeSafeKids to a classroom or the whole school. To enquire about the program, contact our Community Engagement team at  

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