Energy transition

Energy Transition

28 February 2024

Building a better power system through system security and operability

As more renewables are connecting to the system and more coal units set to retire in the coming years, we are facing unprecedented challenges to maintain the security and reliability of an increasingly complex and volatile power system.

Energy Transition

19 October 2023

Fostering the clean energy workforce of the future

The renewable energy transition offers a potent opportunity to energise our job market. In this article we highlight the job-creating potential of renewables and the variety of career opportunities that we offer at Transgrid.

Energy Transition

17 September 2023

What are Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) and why are they important for our sustainable future?

Learn about the pivotal role of Renewable Energy Zones (REZ) in reshaping NSW’s energy landscape, and explore how Transgrid is at the forefront of this effort.

Energy Transition

08 August 2023

How upskilling Australians could be the gamechanger in accelerating our clean energy transition

In this article, we will explore the skill challenges in clean energy industries, the government's initiatives to address the shortage, the benefits of investing in clean energy skills, and Transgrid's commitment to creating job opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

Energy Transition

27 June 2023

How does electricity reach your home and what role does transmission play?

Electricity comes on at the flick of a switch to enable our modern lives. This energy comes into your home from generation, through transmission and distribution. But in order to understand how electricity gets to you, we need to first take a look at how electricity is generated.

Energy Transition

23 March 2023

Why there is no transition to renewables without transmission

Transmission is essential to connect renewable energy generation to the power grid, and into your homes and businesses. Find out why there will be no clean energy transition without transmission, and why we are making it happen now.

Energy Transition

10 October 2022

The energy transition isn’t coming – it’s here

"When it comes to building transmission, two years too soon is better than two years too late.” This was Transgrid CEO Brett Redman’s message at the AFR Energy & Climate Change Summit today.

Energy Transition

17 August 2022

We must transition reliably – system security in a renewable power system

As coal retirement accelerates in NSW, we need to move quickly to develop system security services from alternative sources.

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