Energy Transition

National roadmap reaffirms need for speed in transmission build out

26 June 2024

Transgrid has welcomed the Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) roadmap which reiterates the urgent need to accelerate delivery of transmission infrastructure critical to the clean energy transition.

CEO Brett Redman said: “Transgrid is delivering the major transmission projects identified as essential to enabling the Commonwealth Government’s clean energy vision. AEMO’s Final 2024 Integrated System Plan (ISP) reconfirms the need to fast track this nation-critical infrastructure as coal generation retires.

“Transgrid’s major projects EnergyConnectHumeLink and VNI West have been reaffirmed as critical for the energy transition and should progress urgently on their current timelines to ensure a secure and reliable National Electricity Market and provide cheaper renewable energy to millions of Australians.”

The 25-year roadmap states that renewable energy connected with transmission and distribution, firmed with storage, and backed up by gas-powered generation is the lowest-cost way to supply electricity to homes and businesses as Australia transitions to a net zero economy.

The Final 2024 ISP has identified 12 actionable transmission projects including HumeLink and VNI West which remain on the optimal development path for the transition.

Transgrid also welcomed two new actionable ISP projects in Sydney Ring South and QNI Connect to continue to strengthen the National Electricity Market.

“Transgrid considers it critical to reinforce the southern section of the Sydney Ring to support load growth and guarantee a reliable and secure electricity supply to Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong which make up three quarters of the energy demand in NSW,” Mr Redman said.

“Reinforcing the Sydney Ring will enable more renewable generation to be transferred from southern NSW to meet growing demand in areas such as the Western Sydney International Airport and surrounding business precincts including new data centres.

“Meanwhile, QNI Connect would provide a stronger interconnection between NSW and Queensland to help integration of renewable generation, allow for the efficient sharing of electricity, and enhance the reliability and stability of the grid during the clean energy transition.”

Transgrid also welcomed an increase in net market benefits of ISP transmission investment to $22 billion.

“Over the next decade Transgrid anticipates investing more than $14 billion in NSW to deliver 2,500km of essential transmission infrastructure to connect renewable generation to the grid, help meet Australia’s emissions reduction targets, and provide cheaper energy to families and businesses,” Mr Redman said.

“There will be no transition without transmission. Modelling shows every dollar spent on transmission is projected to return more than twice this in benefits to customers.

“We will continue to work with landowners, communities, regulatory authorities, governments and other key stakeholders to find solutions to balance local impacts, consumer costs, time constraints and critical supply reliability as we accelerate Australia’s clean energy transition.”

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