Enterprise Agreement information

The Enterprise Agreement (EA)

Please find below important information on the upcoming ballot for those currently employed under the TransGrid Enterprise Agreement 2020 (2020 Agreement) and to formally commence the access period for the proposed agreement. 
The ballot, which will be held between 12:01AM AEST Monday 22 July until 12:00 PM (MIDDAY) AEST Friday 26 July 2024, is your opportunity to vote on the proposed Transgrid Enterprise Agreement 2023 (2023 Agreement). 
After almost 12 months of negotiations with the Combined Unions and other bargaining representatives, Transgrid is putting forward its best and final offer which includes a one-off $1,500 cost-of-living payment for all EA salary point and IEA employees. The Combined Unions have advised that they do not support the offer. 

Why does my vote matter?

This information is provided to ensure you are able to make an informed decision on how you will vote. Please note, both the one-off $1,500 cost-of-living payment and back pay are contingent on a majority YES vote at the July ballot. In the event of a NO vote, neither will be offered again by Transgrid. 

How can I learn more about the 2023 EA?

You can learn more about the 2023 Enterprise Agreement below or through your team Town Hall meeting. There will also be EA Q&A sessions with members of the EA bargaining team in the Ultimo office: 

EA Q&A session with Sam Pickering 

  • When: 10am-12.00pm, Friday 12 July 2024 and 1pm-2.30pm, Monday 15 July 2024 
  • Where: Tumut Room, Level One, Transgrid Office, Ultimo 

EA Q&A session with Scott Berryman 

  • When: 1pm to 3pm, Thursday 11 July 2024 and 10am-12pm, Thursday 18 July 2024 
  • Where: Tumut Room, Level One, Transgrid Office, Ultimo  

For those working from other sites or remotely, please send Scott or Sam a Teams message if you would like to have a virtual conversation. 

You can also send questions to People.Hub@transgrid.com.au


Information about the proposed Transgrid Enterprise Agreement 2023

To ensure you are well-informed before the vote, find below:  

  • The proposed Transgrid Enterprise Agreement 2023 
  • A “marked-up” comparison of the 2023 Agreement against the 2020 Agreement 
  • A detailed explanation of the proposed changes to the 2023 Agreement, including their effects, differences from the 2020 Agreement, and an explanation of the differences between the 2023 Agreement and the changes made to the Electrical Power Industry Award 2020 and the Miscellaneous Award 2020 since the 2020 Agreement was made. 

The explanation also includes other terms of Transgrid's offer which take effect administratively and sit outside the terms of the Agreement. 

For ease of reference, the above listed documents and links to other relevant documents can be found below, on the EA Hub or on the Wire.  

Transgrid Enterprise Agreement 2023 - Proposed Agreement


PDF 1.28 MB

Transgrid Enterprise Agreement 2023 - Proposed Agreement - marked up version


Explanation of the Transgrid Enterprise Agreement 2023


PDF 718.68 KB

About the vote

  • Voting opens at 12:01 AM AEST Monday, 22 July 2024 
  • Voting closes at 12:00 PM (MIDDAY) AEST Friday, 26 July 2024 

The ballot process and declaration of results will be managed by CorpVote, an independent voting provider previously used by Transgrid for enterprise agreement ballots. 

The vote will be conducted as follows: 

  • The vote is a secure ballot process managed by CorpVote. 
  • You can vote online or by phone. 
  • Instructions on how to vote will be sent to you by CorpVote. 

If you are on leave during the period between 12 and 26 July 2024, please email People.Hub@transgrid.com.au and provide: 

  • Your personal email address, if you would like to receive materials related to the 2023 Agreement via your personal email address; 
  • Your personal mobile number, if you would like to receive text reminders about the Enterprise Agreement and the voting process. 

You can also email People.Hub@transgrid.com.au if you: 

  • have additional questions, or 
  • need the information in a different format than is provided.   

Declaration of the ballot 

CorpVote will audit the outcome of the vote, which will be announced on 26 July 2024, after the ballot closes. 

Your vote matters. This ballot is your opportunity to vote for cost-of-living relief and great benefits and conditions.