Pricing Consultation

TransGrid believes that customers and consumers should pay only what’s necessary for their electricity supply. While transmission typically accounts for less than ten per cent of an electricity bill, we work to deliver transmission prices that are as competitive as possible.

As the Coordinating Transmission Network Service Provider for NSW and the ACT, TransGrid is responsible for calculating transmission prices for all NSW transmission businesses using the approved Pricing Methodology set by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). 

As a network service provider, we are committed to ensuring efficient network charges are passed through to customers and energy consumers, so in developing the Pricing Methodology for the 2018-2023 regulatory period TransGrid invited interested parties to take part in our consultation and help inform our approach the next pricing methodology. You can access a copy of the Pricing Methodology Stakeholder Consultation report

Pricing methodology process for 2018/2019 to 2022/2023 regulatory period 

In January 2017, TransGrid submitted the proposed Pricing Methodology to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). The document can be accessed on the TransGrid - Determination 2018-2023 page of the AER website.

July 2016Implementation: Current Pricing Methodology comes into effect
August 2016Development: TransGrid internally assesses price impacts of the current Pricing Methodology to help inform our approach to the next Pricing Methodology
August 2016Event: TransGrid discusses options to make amendments to the next Pricing Methodology with the TransGrid Advisory Council
September 2016Consultation: TransGrid engages one-on-one with customers to understand their thoughts and views on the Pricing Methodology
September 2016Consultation: TransGrid publishes an online Pricing Methodology Stakeholder Consultation report for stakeholders to make formal submissions and provide advice on the next Pricing Methodology
October 2016Development: TransGrid assesses submissions and feeedback recieved
December 2016 Consultation: TransGrid publishes preliminary Transmission Pricing Methodology online, open for comments
December 2016Development: TransGrid finalises Transmission Pricing Methodology and objectives
January 2017Development: Revised methodology submitted to regulator

How are energy transmission prices determined? 

Pricing has been an ongoing area of consultation for TransGrid and in late 2013 we consulted closely with customers, large energy users and consumer representatives.  

For information about transmission pricing regulation, visit Our Pricing