Achieving best practice in safety management, and building a transparent safety culture, calls for the cooperation and support of all our employees and delivery partners.

We conduct regular training to ensure everyone working at Transgrid is suitably qualified, well prepared and has easy access to the resources necessary to maintain high standards of health, safety and wellbeing. 


Delivery partners must register and maintain compliance in an online Worker Safety, Authorisation and Training (WSAT) system.

This system supports risk management and delivers efficiencies by improving visibility of all workers’ qualifications, skills and competencies.

WSAT is managed on our behalf by Pegasus, leaders in workforce management software and safety.

Registration details are available on the Transgrid Delivery Partner website.


Transgrid Training Group provides company specific and nationally recognised (RTO) training for our delivery partners. 

Anyone working on or near the Transgrid network must complete mandatory training on the Power Systems Safety Rules (PSSR) and Environmental Authorisations.

Learn more about training at Transgrid.