Sep 30
Next steps for the Renewable Energy Hub

​Following the revision of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target, the renewable energy industry has been revitalised. In NSW, the State Government has repeatedly backed the growth of large scale low carbon generation through the Renewable Energy Advocate’s Renewable Action Plan. Together with an abundance of solar, wind and other sustainable resources, NSW has seen an increased interest in renewable energy developments across the state. TransGrid is currently negotiating and collaborating with a number of generators to facilitate the connection of these renewable projects to the grid.


Focus on New England NSW

The New England region of NSW has been highlighted as a prime area for developing renewable generation. The area holds high quality renewable energy resources, leading to several customers to plan to develop a number of wind and solar farms. However network constraints in the area may restrict the number of projects that can connect to the existing transmission assets. Currently, the local transmission line from Glen Innes to Inverell currently limits capacity to one 120MW generator, whereas a Renewable Energy Hub could potentially allow for more than 700MW of renewable energy generation.


The Renewable Energy Hub – a collaborative solution

To unlock the resources in the area, TransGrid is collaborating with government and generators towards building a Renewable Energy Hub in New England NSW to overcome existing network constraints. Through allowing projects to develop in a cluster, we can share grid connection costs, reducing the cost to supply electricity. Bringing down overall costs enables a more sustainable business case for renewable energy generation for all consumers.

This innovative infrastructure solution addresses the challenges associated with designing, managing and operating an increasingly decentralised electricity supply from renewable sources, and would allow for:

  1. Sharing connection costs reducing the cost to supply electricity
  2. Maximising access to network capacity increasing renewable energy generation
  3. Providing quality of supply for more megawatts of renewables.
​Existing network
​Renewable Energy Hub*
​Investment Value
​$200 million
​$1.5 billion
​Regional jobs
​Electricity generated
​CO2 displacement

* Existing based on potential generation


We are currently at the “feasibility study” stage which includes conversations with prospective generators and the government about the development of this project.

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