Connections and Modifications

We work closely with our customers to plan, develop and manage the network to ensure the high levels of service they expect are delivered, now and into the future.

Customers’ expectations are increasing in relation to the connection and modification services being provided by all Network Service Providers (NSPs).  At TransGrid we recognise that opportunities do exist to improve the way that we support and service our customers.

To further improve the customer experience, we have revamped our website. Having this information freely and readily available in a single location will provide customers with easy access to key information that will significantly improve your customer experience. A range of letter templates, check sheets and overviews are now available. These changes will provide a transparent and easy to understand overview of what is required to achieve a timely network connection and modification.

We welcome your feedback on these changes and look forward to working with you to facilitate your connection or modification. Please contact with your customer manager if you have any suggestions.

Identifying Opportunities

In March 2016, eight locations across NSW were identified as opportunities for additional generation connections based on existing network capability and potential ren​ewable resource strength. Find out more by viewing the document below.

Connection opportunities

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