Connection Process

Connect to the NSW and ACT transmission network. 

  • Connection Costs

    Connection enquiry fee

    Costs associated with lodging a formal connection enquiry will vary depending on whether a functional specification is required for an Identified User Shared Asset (IUSA), as per Rule 5.3.3.(b) of the National Electricity Rules. An IUSA is determined necessary if the capital cost of connection is reasonably expected to exceed $10 million, and will outline both contestable and non-contestable components. 

    ​Type of enquiry
    TransGrid’s fee for developing a connection enquiry response
    ​Standard response - no IUSA required
    ​Includes an IUSA functional spec

    View our Terms & Conditions for a connection enquiry.

    Application to connect fee

    The application to connect fee will vary depending on the unique specifications of each project. For example, generation connections are more complex than loads. We will prepare an estimate before developing a response to your application. 
    The application fee could be subject to a broad range of factors such as: 
    • the complexity of the connection arrangement scope
    • the location of the connection point
    • the quality of the connection application
    • the volume of customer material required for review 
    • negotiations around the technical and commercial parameters of the connection agreement and associated contracts.  
    Subsequent instalments may be fixed for components that are in TransGrid’s control and variable for those which are not. 
    Following the initial assessment, TransGrid will prepare an agreement to develop an offer to connect.  
    The agreement will include the application fee, the program for developing the offer, the procedures for varying the program, customer input requirements, and work to be delivered. It will also include corresponding terms and conditions for liability, confidentiality, intellectual property, termination and suspension. 
    TransGrid publishes this information under clause 5.2A.5 of the National Electricity Rules. 

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