Powering Sydney's Future

Powering Sydney’s Future

A reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity supply is essential to supporting Sydney’s growth. Parts of the current transmission and electricity supply network were built in the 1960s and 1970s and are approaching the end of their serviceable life. Additionally, increased electricity demand means that residents and businesses in inner Sydney are becoming more vulnerable to blackouts or loss of electricity supply.

Why do we need Powering Sydney’s Future? 

Inner Sydney is one of the most critical sections of the electricity network. Through the Powering Sydney’s Future project, TransGrid is working to secure reliable electricity supply through economically viable solutions, with minimal community and environmental impacts. 

Global cable specialist Taihan and its civil partner Garde started early investigation works on TransGrid’s Powering Sydney’s Future Project in March 2020. These works will inform the final design of the project. 

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What is Powering Sydney’s Future? 

  • Installing a new 20km 330kV underground cable between TransGrid’s substation at Potts Hill and Alexandria 
  • Upgrading substations at Potts Hill, Alexandria and Picnic Point
  • Installing additional pipes so there is space for a second cable to be added in the future as demand increases, avoiding further disruption to local communities
  • Constructing special crossings, such as cable bridges or underbores (underground crossings), for the cable circuit to cross rail corridors, rivers or parks 
  • Temporary use of some public spaces as site offices and ‘laydown areas’ during the construction of the project, for the storage and assembly of equipment 
  • Construction is set to commence in mid-2020 and be completed by late-2022

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